Fobul provides reliable, innovative and cost-effective services. With our solutions, we help operators, service providers, content providers, and other large-scale users exploit new business opportunities.

  • IP Transit: (Provides direct access to the global IP backbone, which offers the smoothest IP connectivity available.)
  • Private Interconnects: (A private interconnect is a dark fiber point-to-point interconnection used to interconnect networks directly in order to establish private peering or IP transit connections.)
  • DDoS Protection: (Prevention and mitigation services against various DDoS attacks.)
  • Network Security Consulting: (Audit, design and implement information security solutions in the areas of IP networking.)
  • IPv4 resources: (We sell/lease IPv4 blocks with various sizes.)

We are offering ethernet connectivity between Sofia (BG) and the world's top internet exchanges in Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Vienna (Austria), New York (USA) and Hong Kong (China).